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Congrats Randy Hopkins SS/AA (5.4L 2010 Cobra Jet)

NHRA Super Stock #1 Qualify & The Win (Brainerd International Raceway)

Bridge Racing Cylinder Head/Valvetrain & Custom Piston Design

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Congrats Tim Oswalt: 8.18 @ 168 mph

Bridge Racing Complete Engine (Street/Strip 4.6L)- Twin Precision 62mm Turbos (25 lbs Boost)- 3500lbs Street Car

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Congrats to Terry Morton on his Holcomb Civil Wars Win

UPR Real Street Class (5.59 @ 126.9 mph) - - Bridge Racing Custom Camshafts

3400 lbs - 76mm Turbo

Bridge Racing: First In The 7's On Radials -- 4.6L & 5.4L

7.73 @ 186 mph (5.0 @ 149 mph) - Lazy 1.35 60ft

stock suspension - M/T 275 radials - 3200 lbs (all factory panels & glass) - single turbo - powerglide trans.


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                                                                                            -- Article On Marshalls True Street Build

Custom Twin Turbo Rear Mount Turbo System Build

CEA (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) Wheel Turbos Now Available!

For Best Pricing or Questions Please Contact Us.

From Small Frame 54mm up to Large Frame 118mm  'We Have You Covered'

Journal Bearing or Ball Bearing.

Bridge Racing 4.6L & 5.4L Bolt On Distributor Drive System

Ford Mustang Mod Motor Engine Plates

New Version 2 Now Available (Below) .........



Bridge Racing Mod Motor Water Pump Block Off Plate

Rubber O-Ring Seal, Comes with Stainless Fasteners

Ready To Ship -- $85.00 (includes shipping)

~National Event Winning & Record Breaking 4.6L/5.4L Engines~

Tim Oswalt (Mustang Street Car): Bridge Racing 4.6L - Twin Precision Billet 62mm's

9.29 @ 148 mph on 17" Radials (3650 lbs) - (20 psi of boost)

 Dyno Video: 966 RWHP @ 26 psi, Automatic (TH400), Ford Factory ECU


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4V Mod Motor Sheet Metal Valve Covers

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-Bridge Racing is now a dealer for TurboSmart Products-

TurboSmart make products such as there 60mm Wastegate & 52mm BOV

~4.6L & 5.4L Mod Motor~

Engine Plates - Mid Plate - Bolt On Distributor Drive System Now Available!

7.73 @ 186 mph (5.0 @ 149 mph) Lazy 1.35 60ft

stock suspension - M/T 275 radials - 3200 lbs (all factory panels & glass) - single turbo - no bars

'World Street Challenge' Drag Radial Champion

7.84 @ 184.65 mph on 275 M/T Radials (No Wheelie Bars)

5.16 @ 145 mph (1/8)

                                                                 NMRA Milan, Michigan Drag Radial Winner

                                                               NMRA Joliet Route 66 Drag Radial Runner-Up

                                                                      NMRA Drag Radial Record Holder's 

                                                  Bridge Racing

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                                                  ~First In The 7's With A Mod Motor On Stock Suspension~

                                                     ~First In The 7's With A Mod Motor On Drag Radials~

                                                  Want To Know What Goodies Are In Our Drag Radial Mustang?


                                                             Bridge Racing is a dealer for NLR Products


                                                                             AMS-1000 Boost Controller

4 Time Muay Thai & Kick Boxing World Champion Dennis "Hurricane" Lane

7 Second 1998 Ford Roush Build (Click Photo)

 Stock Suspension - 25.5 Cage - 5.4L Mod Motor - Engine Mounting (BR Plates)

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                                         Bridge Racing Built & Tuned 5.4L Modular Powered Drag Radial Mustang

                                                                   Multi Event Winner, Drag Radial Record Holder


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